Goodbye from the Bag

Hello! For those of you who don’t know, I’m Charlotte, soon-to-be-former Bag for Summertown Morris, of which part of my job has been social media/webmaster. This has been one of the bits I’ve really enjoyed about the job over the last few months that I’ve had it, as it means I get to see just how much people seem to enjoy our dancing, and pick up and pass around the compliments we get when people don’t quite get to catch us at dance outs.

I’m off to Sheffield very soon, and in the midst of the boxes and the stress, I just wanted to do a proper little sign off and say how great it’s been to get all the feedback on our various adventures from all those of you who’ve been keeping up with us, whether on Facebook, Twitter, or on here. Dancing with Summertown has been a real privilege, and the comments on our photos, videos, and posts have really highlighted how lucky I am to have been among such excellent people for the last year and a bit.

I wish my successor every bit of luck as they take on the job, and I hope that you will all carry on supporting us moving forward. As for me, I’ll still be dancing, though probably involving a lot more facepaint than previously (I’m headed for the dark side, as it were, and going Border), and I’m sure I’ll see plenty of Summertown supporters around at festivals and what have you.

All that remains is to say, once more, thank you to Summertown and to our supporters for making this bit of the job, as well as the dancing, so fun. See you around!



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