Folk Weekend: Oxford 2016

Better late than never, here’s the roundup on our first dance out of this year’s summer season. Folk Weekend is always one of our favourite gigs, and as the start of our season, it’s also our chance to get our new members out and dancing for the first time. This year, we had three new members on their first full day of dancing. Kate, Kristiina, and Nerys all did an absolutely amazing job dancing, and we’re chuffed to bits to have them join us this year. Special thanks also to our musician, Danika, for holding us all together during the day, despite having to avoid raindrops in the bellows…

Despite the Reliably Pleasant English Weather, we had great fun. It was an honour to be asked to dance at the official opening spot of the entire festival with Hobos Border Morris outside the Ashmolean, which made a fantastic start to the entire day. A brief busking spot at Carfax Tower with Alton Morris followed, then the ever-important lunch break. Our second scheduled spot, in the Covered Market, was shared with City Clickers clog dancers. I think it’s safe to say we were all really impressed with their dancing, and we enjoyed getting out of the rain too! We busked again for a short while outside the Weston Library under a tentative patch of blue sky, before the sun came out in time for our final spot of the day at Bonn Square, which we shared with Mr. Hemmings Traditional Abingdon Morris Dancers and Phoenix Morris. One of our dancers was lucky enough to be the Maid in the Mill for Mr. Hemmings, too!

We had some really lovely compliments about our dancing over the course of the day, and seem to have picked up one or two invites to come and dance with other sides, so hopefully we’ll be getting out some more over the course of the summer.

Our thanks are, as always, due to Nina and the whole Folk Weekend team for having us again, as well as those of our number who travelled a fair way to come and join us. Lastly, thanks to our unofficial photographer for the day, Phil Robinson, who joined our small band of hangers-on for the day and got some great shots of us in action.

Photos from the day are available here in our Flickr gallery, and it’s well worth checking out the whole of the Folk Weekend Flickr group for more awesome pictures of the various sides around Oxford. That’s all for now, so we’ll leave you with a video of our three-woman Princess Royal from our spot at the Covered Market.


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