Whittlesea Strawbear 2016

This past weekend saw our first outing of 2016 at the annual Whittlesea Strawbear festivities. We have attended almost every year of our existence (bar our first), and as always, had a wonderful time dancing out around the town and in the procession. It was a beautiful, but very cold, day – dancing outside presented its usual challenges in the form of losing the feeling in our hands, but it was nothing that couldn’t be fixed with the regular passing round of a flask of sloe gin! Sunday saw the showcase in which we danced our customary 3-man jig version of Princess Royal, and enjoyed watching everyone else’s performances, particularly those we hadn’t managed to catch at our own spots.

It’s now a bit of a quiet spell for us in terms of performance as we concentrate on practising hard with our new members and getting ready for what we consider the beginning of our dance season proper at Folk Weekend Oxford. We’ll be dancing on the Saturday, times and locations tbc. We hope to see you around soon, and until then, we hope you like the pictures of us dancing from the weekend. There are also a few videos kicking around, which can be easily accessed from our Facebook page.



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