The End of Another Year

We performed our final dance out of the year, today, for the shoppers at the Oxford Christmas Market. We and they enjoyed our sets, despite one dancer managing to both caper *into* a bike and hit a pedestrian with a stick. That not withstanding, it was a fine end to what has been a great year for the side, and it was lovely to relax with mulled wine together afterwards.

This year has been fantastic – starting with Whittlesea in January, we also enjoyed dancing at Folk Weekend Oxford, May Day, and Chippenham Folk Festival. On the smaller scale, we’ve also enjoyed dancing out with, among others, Cry Havoc, Armaleggan, Headington Quarry Morris Dancers, Town and Gown, Sarum Morris, Sharp and Blunt, and from further afield Renegade Rose (Portland, Oregon), Sound and Fury (Seattle, Washington), and Adelaide Morris Men. There are, of course, so many others with whom we’ve danced this year and it would be impossible to list them, but suffice to say that we’ve enjoyed every single dance out with all of the sides we’ve met, and we’ve made some great friends along the way.

Looking forward to next year, we’ve started getting lots of plans together already, including a return to Whittlesea, Folk Weekend, and Chippenham, some events of our own devising, and the customary run of dance outs with the usual list of fantastic dancers we’re so lucky to know. It’s going to be a busy one but we’re really excited to see what the year holds.

This is a good moment to thank all of you who have supported us, whether by taking/sharing pictures, inviting us to dance, or simply coming to watch. We work hard, of course, but it’s all pointless without our audience and friends.

We’ll see you in the New Year, and until then, whatever you’re celebrating and with whom, we hope you have a great one!


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